Sierra Leone’s vibrant music scene is hit with a wave of disappointment as the Ecowas Music Festival (ECOFEST), a cornerstone musical extravaganza, won’t be taking place this year.

The annual festival, renowned for uniting diverse talents from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia, Senegal, and Guinea, has been a highlight in the region’s cultural calendar. Spearheaded by Kabaka Multimedia & Entertainment, ECOFEST has historically celebrated West African music, drawing immense popularity and acclaim.

ECOFEST, under the guidance of its esteemed founder Abubakarr Turay, affectionately known as Kabaka, has continually elevated the music industry. Kabaka, an icon synonymous with the Sierra Leonean music scene, has tirelessly championed this event, inviting renowned artists from across Africa to partake in the celebration within Sierra Leone’s vibrant cultural landscape.


The festival, an annual tradition for the past four to five years, provided a platform for West African musicians and artists to converge, fostering cultural exchange and artistic collaboration. However, the unexpected cancellation this year raises concerns about the future of major musical showcases in the country.

Kabaka’s unwavering dedication to making ECOFEST a hallmark event in West Africa has faced setbacks. Despite his relentless efforts, challenges in garnering sufficient support have led to unsuccessful shows, denting his enthusiasm for further investments in the musical sphere.

The absence of ECOFEST leaves a void in Sierra Leone’s entertainment calendar, prompting doubts about the readiness for other significant musical exhibitions in the near future.


In the face of adversity, meeting the illustrious Kabaka would prompt a message of admiration and encouragement. Recognizing his invaluable contributions to the music industry, I would convey support for his vision and remind him that setbacks often pave the way for greater successes. His unwavering passion has already made an indelible mark on Sierra Leone’s music legacy, and his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

This setback is merely a chapter in a larger story, and his perseverance will undoubtedly lead to new and exciting chapters in Sierra Leone’s musical narrative.