Renowned Sierra Leonean musician Fredric Peters, widely known as “Famous,” recently sat down for an interview with Tamba B to address the controversy surrounding his ambitious plan to host a concert at the iconic London O2 Arena.

Famous passionately described this endeavor as a long-cherished dream, one that he has been meticulously planning for an extended period. He clarified that the O2 Arena comprises various sub-venues suitable for hosting concerts, emphasizing that whether it’s within the Arena or any of its affiliated spaces, he intends to hold his concert there next summer.

When questioned about the backlash he received from fellow Sierra Leoneans for this audacious venture, Famous displayed resilience. He acknowledged that Sierra Leoneans are often known for pulling down their own, but he remains undeterred, firmly committed to his vision and steadfastly working towards it.

Famous also revealed a heartening twist to his O2 Arena saga. He disclosed that when he initially announced his intention to host a concert at this prestigious venue, he received an unexpected call of encouragement from popular rapper Boss La, even though the rapper was incarcerated. He discloses that during their inspiring conversation Boss La motivated him to not only pursue his dream but also to create a song related to this ambitious project. He further mentioned that he had made a promise to Boss La, that he would feature him on this song.

Famous reiterated that his focus remains unwavering on realizing his dream, despite the criticism from some unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans. He believes that if the concert turns out to be a success, it has the potential to raise the flag of Sierra Leone, much like Nigeria’s achievements in the international entertainment arena.

He regards this ambitious endeavor as an opportunity to challenge preconceptions about Sierra Leone and demonstrate the nation’s artistic and creative prowess on a global stage