Winner of House of Stars Reality TV show season one and former wife of Leone Star striker Hawa Dumbuya popularly known as Hawa Tombo is set to make a Ramadan donation to Muslims in Sierra Leone.

According to Hawa Tombo, she received the sum of One Hundred and Fifteen Million Seven Hundred and Forty Leones from her fans in the diaspora to embark on a donation to Muslims in this month of Ramadan.

With video evidence posted on her social media platforms, Hawa Tombo has purchased two hundred (200) bags of 25kg rice, twenty (20) bags of 25kg sugar, ten (10) dozens of Ablution Jah (Kula), and some soft drinks.

She stated that the items would reach the intended individuals who are supposed to be beneficiaries and extended thanks and appreciation to her fans for their support towards her.

Hawa Tombo is known for her effort in organizing Ramadan food donations to help those in need during the holy month of Ramadan.

The date and community the donation will be done is yet to be communicated by Hawa as the purchased items are kept at the Kings Empire store.