Sierra Leonean Afro-fusion singer and songwriter, Jonathan Obai Fitzjohn, better known as Mello Seven, has achieved a significant milestone with his latest album “Kapu”. It has climbed to the fourth position among the top albums in Africa on Audiomack.

“Kapu” in Sierra Leone implies to seize or grab something and the song is talking about grabbing a chance or opportunity when it arises.

Mello Seven has been a prolific artist, releasing hit singles and albums, while also collaborating with talented Sierra Leonean artists over the past year.

In 2022, he unveiled his debut album, “Wonders,” featuring 10 tracks that encompass themes of pain, pressure, progress, pleasure, motivation, and love.

Furthermore, his most recent album, “Kapu,” features fourteen songs, with several collaborations with different artists on some of them.