There are reports suggesting that Lolo Simeon and Osman Bendu Kamara, popularly known as Mamy, both former contestants and a well-known couple from Housemates Salone season three, have ended their relationship.

Lolo and Mamy Thomas initially found love during their time on the reality TV show and continued their romantic relationship beyond the show’s conclusion.

They were frequently seen on social media supporting each other in their respective careers and engaging in various developmental activities together.

Rumors about their breakup started circulating on social media after their return from the Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition held in India. However, the speculations of both lovers’ pathing ways have grown stronger in recent times.

Neither party has confirmed or denied the report as of press time.

Meanwhile, Mamy Thomas has expressed his determination to ignore any distractions or factors that could hinder his focus, as he is currently involved in shooting a comedy skit. In a recent Facebook post, he said that his goal is to stay committed to the process and continue working on his project.

“My goal is to ignore anyone or anything that can cause me to get out of character or lose focus! The Process is still on. Still Cooking.. Mamy Thomas High School Comedy Series (SCHOOL AFFAIRS)”, He wrote.