Sierra Leonean US-based musician, Menace da General, now known as My Dearest Gift (MDG),was recently lauded with a recognition award by Femi & the Repo BSAE family.

The heartfelt honor stands as a testament to his dedication and positive influence within his community.

Taking to Facebook, Menace da General, now MDG, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, recounting the impactful surprise. He shared, “Last night, I received a heartfelt surprise. I am more than grateful to receive this recognition award from my brother Femi & the Repo BSAE family. God knows how much I love my people and my community.” He further acknowledged his commitment to being a catalyst for positive change and remarked, “He knows how hard I work towards being the change I wanna see; but when it’s your brothers that recognize your passion, courage, and hard work, it’s fulfilling and makes the journey worth-while.”

The accolade holds special significance for MDG as it emanates from those who appreciate and understand his endeavors. “Having people around you that respect and love what you do is a blessing. Femi, Repo, I feel honored. This gesture means a lot to me. Thank you and God bless.”

The recognition was not confined to MDG alone. Sorie, another remarkable individual within the community, was also celebrated for his positive influence and leadership. MDG extended congratulations to his fellow awardee, emphasizing the ongoing journey towards progress and unity.