Sierra Leonean rapper, Frank Samza Serry, popularly known as Samza, has teamed up with the immensely talented Nigerian artist Jaywillz for a brand-new single titled “TREASURE.”

The song is all set to make its grand debut tomorrow, Sunday, 6th August, on major streaming platforms.

Samza, known for his dynamic rap style and unique identity, has been making waves in Sierra Leone and has earned a significant following in the West African music scene. His ability to seamlessly blend genres has captivated listeners, cementing his reputation as a rising star.

The collaboration with Jaywillz, a household name in the Nigerian music industry, is expected to elevate “TREASURE” to new heights.

Jaywillz, known for his melodious voice and versatile musical prowess, has delivered hit tracks like “Nwayo” and “Ginger Yourself.” His inclusion in this eagerly awaited single adds an exciting dimension to the song.

Together, the duo is renowned for creating catchy hooks and memorable melodies, promising to deliver a chart-topping hit that will resonate with audiences across Africa and at home in Sierra Leone.

Produced and mastered by the skilled Jamie Icepick, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting the release of this collaboration, anticipating an impressive showcase of talent from both artists.