Popular Sierra Leonean Music sensation Jacob Evangelista, popularly known as The Threrapist has urged for a ceasefire within the entertainment sector amidst the ongoing disagreements between Boss LA and Kao Denero.

The reason behind his request was as a result of a recent post on his social media account which highlighted the potential benefits that could be reaped by the sector if the two competitors resolved their differences.

Many people wonder whether one of the factors impacting the industry is the long-standing feud and differences between Boss LA and Kao Denero.

Boss LA and Kao Denero were once called by the erstwhile President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma on a peace and reconciliation mission between the two factions which was productive until the latter.

The entertainment business hasn’t changed much, if at all, as many had hoped, according to The Therapist’s mental image of how the reunification of both would revolutionize the sector.

The Therapist asserts that if we could figure out the math involving Boss LA and Kao Denero, Sierra Leone might have a shot of winning the Grammy or at least receiving a nomination.

The Therapist concludes his appeal to the industry and stakeholders by pleading with all Sierra Leoneans to put aside their political disagreements and figure out the math because, if they can come together, these men will significantly transform the industry.

On his Facebook post, it reads: