As the vibrant tapestry of November fades into the mellow hues of December, Sierra Leone’s music scene echoes with the melodies of fresh tunes that have captured the hearts of the nation’s music lovers.

While some tracks continue to dominate the airwaves, others have swiftly ascended the charts, their popularity soaring like kites in the Salone breeze. The harmonious blend of talented entertainers and musicians has resulted in captivating soundtracks, shaping the sonic landscape of the nation.

Sierraloaded has meticulously handpicked a selection of the most remarkable songs released in November 2023 to commemorate this era of musical brilliance. Our curation is a testament to the power of music, transcending boundaries and uniting the people of Sierra Leone through the shared language of rhythm and rhyme.

Our compilation considers a symphony of metrics from our platform, including downloads, rankings, views, airplay, and digital footprints. Without much ado, here are the standout songs for November 2023.

10. Innocent Kuti – I’ve Got Your Back (594 Downloads)

In the depths of despair, when shadows loom and paths seem lost, when hearts break and loneliness stings, when conversations falter and silence reigns, when the world crumbles around you, I’ll be your anchor.

Innocent Kuti’s latest single captures the essence of unwavering support, a beacon of hope amidst the storms of life. It’s a heartfelt promise to those who feel lost and alone, a reminder that even in the darkest of nights, there’s a hand outstretched, a voice ready to listen, a presence that soothes and uplifts.

Innocent Kuti’s soulful voice weaves a tapestry of empathy and understanding, his lyrics painting vivid scenes of resilience and compassion. The video’s visuals mirror the song’s message, portraying individuals facing their own personal battles, yet finding solace in the knowledge that they’re not alone.

As usual, the son of Kuti does not fail to disappoint. His latest masterpiece offers a lifeline reminder that even in the darkest of times, there’s always a glimmer of hope, a beacon of love, a hand outstretched, ready to pull us through.

Here’s I’ve Got Your Back. Listen, Download & Enjoy

9. Nasser Ayoub – Nakam (607 Downloads)

Multi-talented singer and Businessman, Nasser Ayoub gifts his fans a captivating experience with the unveiling of his latest single, “Nakam.” This love-infused melody serves as the perfect crescendo to wrap up the year in a pulsating groove.

The award-winning performer shines brightly on “Nakam”, effortlessly delivering a high-life masterpiece enriched by the impeccable production skills of Edziko.

The expressive love track boasts of Afrocentric drums beats, solid percussions and Nasser’s ricocheting vocals.

8.  Innocent Kuti – That Boy From Kissy (758 Downloads)

“That Boy From Kissy” is Innocent Kuti’s newest single reflecting on his origin, childhood and upbringing in Sierra Leone.

The song shares its title with Kissy, a neighborhood located on the eastern end of Sierra Leone capital, Freetown. It highlights Innocent’s struggles as an underground artist, who roamed the streets of Kissy to support his recording interest.

In a world where celebrities often drift away from their origins, “That Boy from Kissy” is a testament to Innocent Kuti’s unwavering dedication to his roots, a celebration of his humble beginnings and a promise to never forget where he came from.

Listen to That Boy From Kissy and enjoy the rhythm of Sierra Leonean culture, the passion of his message, and the unwavering connection to his roots.

7. Famous – One Life (854 Downloads)

Building on the momentum from “Fall in Love”, his 2023 debut single, Famous is back with the confidently crafted amapiano-inspired track, ‘One Life’.

In ‘One Life’, Famous delivers an uplifting message, urging listeners to embrace every moment to its fullest.

The essence of the song echoes a familiar sentiment, often shared to uplift those feeling despondent, isolated, or grappling with self-doubt. It champions the idea of savoring every moment, living without regrets, and recognizing that life knows no boundaries.

No matter where you stand in life, seize it with both hands. Stay determined, chase your dreams, because the promise of tomorrow is uncertain. Revel in every moment, and celebrate the beauty of life.

6. Samza – Show Me (864 Downloads)

Following the massive success of his “On God” album, award-winning rapper and songwriter has set the stage for heightened excitement among fans by unveiling a new groove that is sure to set the stage for international acclaim.

His latest single, “Show Me,” is a mesmerizing blend of pop and Afrobeats that showcases Samaza’s artistic prowess and versatility.

“Show Me” is a love-infused serenade to his ideal woman. The one who makes his heart sing and his soul soar. His smooth vocals and captivating lyrics glide over the upbeat tempo, creating a vibe that is both intoxicating and irresistible.

With its catchy melody, universal theme, and global appeal, “Show Me” is poised to be Samaza’s biggest hit yet. The song has already garnered significant attention from fans and critics alike, with many praising Samaza’s unique sound and his ability to bridge cultures with his music.

  1. Innocent Kuti – E Sawa (927 Downloads)

4. Kao Denero – Veteran (984 Downloads)

Super talented Rapper and Lyrical genius, Amara Denis Turay-jalloh “Kao Denero” makes a triumphant return to the recording booth unleashing his latest offering, “Veteran,” in which he unloads a payload of thunderous verses.

The dynamic track explores themes of self-belief, opulence, ambition, and self-worth, offering listeners a compelling musical and visual experience.

“I am better than Sarkodie 🇬🇭, better than M.I 🇳🇬 , better than Casper 🇿🇦 . All these niggas can’t deny”, Kao Denero boastfully declares speculating a new hip-hop supremacy battle in the continent.

Under the skillful production of Almon, Kao Denero is a sonic force to be reckoned with, rapping with an unrelenting intensity that only a true veteran can muster. Devoid of conjecture, Kao asserts unequivocally that he can lyrically spar with any one of them, or all of them combined, for an astonishing duration exceeding six hours.

3. Drizilik – Finesse (1,274 Downloads)

“Finesse” marks the first track from the anticipated Central Boy Drizla (CBD) Mixtape. Infused with infectious beats and sharp-witted lyrics, the song provides a platform for Drizilik to showcase his distinctive wordplay and metaphors. From the first verse, he wastes no time asserting his dominance and confidence.

In the second verse, Drizilik takes a reflective journey, highlighting recent milestones like gracing London’s fashion week with Labrum and donning the “Japanese Kimono.”

Drizilik knows that people will talk and question his place at the top, but he invites his haters to listen closely. “Listen close so you nor go lie when you tell di story.” He proudly declares himself as the “modern-day king of his territory” with hits, sold-out shows, and accolades.

The chorus, a rousing chant of “Finesse, we can only go up from here,” serves as a powerful affirmation of Drizilik’s unwavering belief in his upward trajectory. With finesse as his guiding force, he navigates the rap landscape with an unyielding determination to conquer new heights.

2. Incredible JJ – Freetown ft. Drizilik (1,458 Downloads)


Incredible JJ‘s meteoric rise to stardom began with his viral freestyle “Freetown, I’m coming.” Now, he’s back in the studio with BET Cypher vocalist Drizilik for the full version of the song, and it’s clear that his musical journey is only reaching new heights.

Drizilik’s verse throws some serious shade at Sierra Leonean bloggers, but Incredible JJ says that the song is ultimately dedicated to his fans. He sees it as the beginning of his career, and he’s undeniably destined for greatness.

Produced by the multi-talented Nashito Kulala, Incredible JJ delivers a musical experience that allows fans to consistently immerse themselves in and appreciate his distinctive voice.

1. I-Tribe – Nobody (2,408 Downloads)

Meet Leonard Francis Massaquoi, the rising star of Sierra Leone’s entertainment scene, known by his stage name “I-Tribe.” This new school vocalist has taken the music industry by storm with his chart-topping 2023 hit, “Nobody.”

I-Tribe’s personal journey of becoming “borbor pain” (a term used to describe someone who has experienced hardship) and narrates the trials and tribulations he endured has earned him strength in his love relationships. The song’s release brought immense joy to the artist, and it has since become a sensation, creating ripples throughout the music scenes.

I-Tribe’s unique musical style blends R&B with Afrobeat, offering a fresh and captivating experience to his listeners. The ‘I’ in his stage name stands for “Incredible,” signifying that he belongs to a tribe of artists who possess a diverse range of musical talents and abilities.

Having recently risen to prominence, I-Tribe has already proven himself to be one of Sierra Leone’s most brilliant and promising artists. He pledges to continue astonishing and delighting his ever-growing fanbase with his awe-inspiring musical offerings. With I-Tribe on the rise, the future of Sierra Leone’s music scene is undoubtedly bright and filled with exciting prospects.