Meet Leonard Francis Massaquoi, the rising star of Sierra Leone’s entertainment scene, known by his stage name “I-Tribe.” This new school vocalist has taken the music industry by storm with his chart-topping 2023 hit, “Nobody.”

I-Tribe’s personal journey of becoming “borbor pain” (a term used to describe someone who has experienced hardship) and narrates the trials and tribulations he endured has earned him strength in his love relationships. The song’s release brought immense joy to the artist, and it has since become a sensation, creating ripples throughout the music scenes.

I-Tribe’s unique musical style blends R&B with Afrobeat, offering a fresh and captivating experience to his listeners. The ‘I’ in his stage name stands for “Incredible,” signifying that he belongs to a tribe of artists who possess a diverse range of musical talents and abilities.

Having recently risen to prominence, I-Tribe has already proven himself to be one of Sierra Leone’s most brilliant and promising artists. He pledges to continue astonishing and delighting his ever-growing fanbase with his awe-inspiring musical offerings. With I-Tribe on the rise, the future of Sierra Leone’s music scene is undoubtedly bright and filled with exciting prospects.

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