Happy New Month of October, Sierraloadites!

As we step into a new month, September has witnessed the emergence of fresh tunes that have made their mark on the music scene in Sierra Leone. While certain tracks continue to reign supreme on the music charts, others have swiftly gained popularity on playlists.

The collaboration between entertainers and musicians has yielded captivating soundtracks, propelling the current sonic trends.

To serve as a timestamp and acknowledge the significance of the specified period, Sierraloaded has meticulously curated a list of the most notable songs released in September 2023. Our compilation considers a symphony of metrics from our very platform, including ranks, views, airwaves, and digital footprints.

Here are the standout songs that have been released in September 2023.


10. MDG – All Night Long (326 Downloads)

Renowned lyrical maestro, My Dearest Gift, commonly known as MDG, graces the stage once again with his fifth melodious anthem of the year.

“All Night Long” is another catchy Afropop/R&B track that allows the listener to feel the serenading and confident voice of MDG.

Journey with MDG as he weaves a tale of unwavering affection, guiding you on how to be genuine with a woman and cherish her through every shared moment. With its sultry chords, intoxicating melodies, and a rhythm that nudges at the heart’s beat, listeners are bound to get lost in its words and hum along to the enticing refrain.

If looking for a beautiful love song about spending all night and forever with your special someone, then this slow jam and feel-good record is the perfect one.

Download, Listen and Enjoy “All Night Long” and let this mellifluous masterpiece sweep you off your feet.


9. Wisher Baby – Over Taking Ft Empress Pee (331 Downloads)

Skype Nation unveils a scintillating collaboration: Wisher Baby meets Empress Pee in the electrifying track, “Over Taking”.

You already know Empress Pee but who is Wisher Baby?

Wisher Baby isn’t just another name in the hip-hop industry; she’s a formidable force, churning out lyrics that resonate deep, echoing her unmatched artistry. There’s no question about it: this track is destined to redefine your playlist.

Empress Pee adds a magnetic twist with her electronically tinged vocals, crafting an unforgettable sonic texture and a melody that lingers long after the last note.

Imagine when two mic monster meets, expect bars, thick flows and greatness 👊🏽


8. Samza – Treasure Ft. Jaywillz (448 Downloads)

When two artists with such distinctive styles come together, the result is a harmonious fusion that transcends individual genres. Samza and Jaywillz’s collaborations are a testament to the power of creative synergy. Their music marries the best of both worlds, combining Samza’s soulful serenades with Jaywillz’s dynamic vocal versatility. Whether it’s an upbeat dance track or a heartfelt ballad, the chemistry between these artists is undeniable, resulting in tracks that are both emotionally resonant and irresistibly catchy.

In this collaboration, rising star in the music industry Jaywillz, brings a unique blend of soulful melodies and contemporary beats to his creations. Drawing inspiration from a range of genres, Samza masterfully fuses elements of Afrobeats, and Afro-fusion to craft a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly new. His velvety-smooth vocals effortlessly glide over intricate rhythms, delivering heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Samza’s ability to infuse emotion into his music is a testament to his musical prowess, making him a standout artist in today’s diverse musical landscape.

The musical prowess of Samza and Jaywillz has been making a notable impact on the music industry. Their ability to seamlessly blend genres and experiment with new sounds challenges the status quo and encourages other artists to push their creative boundaries. As they continue to gain recognition and influence, it’s clear that their collaborative efforts are contributing to the evolution of modern music, shaping its future direction.

Go check this song out and thank the celebrities for having your back in the entertainment.

7. Tima Hydar – Jog Man Anthem (472 Downloads)

Renowned producer and hit creator, Tunexbeatz, has announced “Tima Hydar” as the inaugural signing to his fresh-out-of-the-oven label, Tunex Records.

On this track, Tima Hydar transforms her exciting notion of love into a graceful, compelling and incredibly melodious record which would definitely give all the ladies a shiver.

The lyric “if yu man nɔ de sleep na os, na fɔ know se na to mi e kin biya” showcases an eclectic blend of musical genres, rendering the song uniquely distinguished from its contemporaries. With each phrase being delivered with passion and sincerity, Tima Hydar’s unusual vocals stand out and add to the emotional depth of the song.

Listen to Jog Man Anthem and tell us your thoughts.

6. Incredible JJ – Jonjomi (520 Downloads)

From the heart of Sierra Leone, a new rhythm is born, pulsating through the streets of Kenema. Meet the sensational voice of the era – the unparalleled Incredible JJ.

JJ isn’t just a singer; he’s a revelation. His voice, imbued with a magic that transcends boundaries, promises to enchant listeners across the globe. In a raw and heartfelt freestyle, he unveiled his vision: to let his melodies soar beyond the horizons of Freetown and into the global stage.

His latest masterpiece, “Jonjomi”, isn’t merely a song – it’s an invitation. Meaning “vibe”, the track is a magnetic call to the dance floor, where Afrobeat rhythms promise a journey of ecstasy and fervor.

So, why just vibe alone? Share “Jonjomi” and let the infectious rhythm awaken the souls of your friends. Let’s dance, world! 🌍🎶💃🕺🏻

5. Mus-B – Diya. (528 Downloads)

Sharp Boy Music sensation, Mus-B has lent his voice to address some socio-political issues facing Sierra Leone.

In his latest track “Diya”, he delves deep into the nation’s current state, expressing his disquiet over the continual hardships endured by Sierra Leoneans.

“Fuel Diya, Transport Diya, Credit Diya, EDSA Diya, All thing don diya…,” Mus-B articulates, voicing his concerns about the surging prices of commodities and the overall hike in the cost of living.

“Diya” hit the airwaves on September 1, 2023, with I.T. handling the audio production.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

4. Famous – One Life (1,423 Downloads)

Building on the momentum from “Fall in Love”, his 2023 debut single, Famous is back with the confidently crafted amapiano-inspired track, ‘One Life’.

In ‘One Life’, Famous delivers an uplifting message, urging listeners to embrace every moment to its fullest.

The essence of the song echoes a familiar sentiment, often shared to uplift those feeling despondent, isolated, or grappling with self-doubt. It champions the idea of savoring every moment, living without regrets, and recognizing that life knows no boundaries.

No matter where you stand in life, seize it with both hands. Stay determined, chase your dreams, because the promise of tomorrow is uncertain. Revel in every moment, and celebrate the beauty of life.

3. Boss La – Say No To Kush. (1,633 Downloads)

Battling drug abuse is a mission of paramount importance in Sierra Leone, and the stakes are sky-high. The venomous grip of these narcotics has been witnessed far too often, casting a dark shadow over our nation’s vibrant spirit.

“Say No to Kish!” isn’t just a slogan; it’s a battle cry. It’s an impassioned call to arms, beckoning the youth towards awareness and steering them away from the clutches of Kush. This campaign doesn’t just highlight the perils of Kush but ignites a spark to embrace a cleaner, brighter future.

Tune into the beats of Boss La, in a groundbreaking collaboration with the Sierra Leone Correctional Centre and Kings Empire. Let the rhythm guide you through this captivating anthem against Kush, crafted not just to inform, but to transform! 🎵🚫🌿

2. I-Tribe – Nobody (2,408 Downloads)

Meet Leonard Francis Massaquoi, the rising star of Sierra Leone’s entertainment scene, known by his stage name “I-Tribe.” This new school vocalist has taken the music industry by storm with his chart-topping 2023 hit, “Nobody.”

I-Tribe’s personal journey of becoming “borbor pain” (a term used to describe someone who has experienced hardship) and narrates the trials and tribulations he endured has earned him strength in his love relationships. The song’s release brought immense joy to the artist, and it has since become a sensation, creating ripples throughout the music scenes.

I-Tribe’s unique musical style blends R&B with Afrobeat, offering a fresh and captivating experience to his listeners. The ‘I’ in his stage name stands for “Incredible,” signifying that he belongs to a tribe of artists who possess a diverse range of musical talents and abilities.

Having recently risen to prominence, I-Tribe has already proven himself to be one of Sierra Leone’s most brilliant and promising artists. He pledges to continue astonishing and delighting his ever-growing fanbase with his awe-inspiring musical offerings. With I-Tribe on the rise, the future of Sierra Leone’s music scene is undoubtedly bright and filled with exciting prospects.

1. Arkman – Freedom (2,579 Downloads)


Through “Freedom,” revolutionary singer, Arkman paints a vivid picture of the critical challenges burdening Sierra Leonean society.

He spotlights the economic strain from inflation, criticizes government malpractice and corruption, and underscores the people’s struggles, from unemployment to unchecked drug issues.

Listen, Download and share your thoughts.