Meet our Woman Crush for this week, Ariana Oluwole.

Ariana Oluwole is a teacher and a mother who is cherishes the early stage of children and believes in quality and right education at the early age can help shape the child into a well behaved and upright citizen. Oluwole is determined to equip children with the knowledge, skills, values, and confidence necessary to successfully adapt to an increasingly complex world. She has accomplished this in numerous ways, aspiring to meet children’s needs before and after birth with a holistic approach.

With educational background in Biological Science, Oluwole has a Day Care, Narnia Day Care, which she started in order to give quality treatment and attention to children. This founding stemmed out as a result of her inability to find a suitable day care for her son when she became a mother in 2012. Narnia is a Day Care that has purposed itself to help young children get their first experience of education in an innovative environment.

Oluwole later went on to acquire a diploma in early learning. Since then, she has made real her passion for improving children’s lives through Narnia. Narnia Day Care focuses on children up to three years old. It serves at least 50 children per day and continues to expand, so far having taken in over 900 children. Oluwole believes in the power of all-inclusive education as a tool for nation building and development. She has pioneered several ground-breaking educational and community development projects in Sierra Leone.

She has also played a significant role in participating in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit, Sierra Leone Psychiatric Teaching Hospital, and the Early Learning Centres for Children of Market Women and Traders, Oluwole’s passion has always been to help prepare young minds at one of the most critical learning periods in their lives.

Oluwole is a humanitarian and an activist and her zest to help others. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Freetown-Sunset; a nonprofit organisation is focused on serving the community in diverse ways.