In December 2017, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation acting for and on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone entered into a Concession Agreement with Autospect (SL) Limited for the development, operation, and implementation of Vehicle Inspection Stations (VIS) and systems, the deployment of Vehicle Registration Cards System (VRC), the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) windshield stickers and Secure Registration Plates systems as well as the automation of the related processes then transferring their ownership to the Government of Sierra Leone on a Built-Operate-and Transfer (BOT) basis.

Under the terms of the Concession Agreement, Autospect (SL) Limited is responsible for only four components of the operations of SLRSA (Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority).

These components are Number Plates printing, Vehicle Registration Cards, Vehicle Inspection, and RFID Stickers.
SLRSA continues to manage about twenty othercomponents including driver’s licenses, transfer of ownership, international drivers permits, training of drivers, issuing of driving school certificates, garage registration, clamping, towing, etc.

These components are 100% controlled and managed by SLRSA. Revenue generated from these components goes straight to the bank accounts of SLRSA.

On the four components controlled by Austospect, SLRSA receives 20% of the revenue generated from their operations and management.

The question is now being asked: Why is the Executive Director of SLRSA, Reverend Smart K. Senesie complaining that SLRSA is on the brink of collapse? Reverend Smart K.Senesie is either not focusing on the job or the Authority is bigger than him.

Reverend Smart K. Senesie is overwhelmed with UMC activities and has little or no time to focus on the SLRSA job.

Instead of paying attention to operational matters at SLRSA, Reverend Senesie is busy spending the Authority’s money on road safety activities leaving other key operational areas unattended to.

He has severally ignored professional advice to reduce expenditure on safety activities and focus on other key operational areas. It is a fact that SLRSA is going through some challenges like all other departments and agencies.

In January 2023, the Ministry of Finance instructed the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone that only 50% of TSA (Treasury Single Account) revenues should be transferred into the operations accounts of SLRSA, NATCOM, etc, and other agencies.

The balance of 50% goes into the Treasury Main Account at the Bank of Sierra Leone.
A former senior executive member of SLRSA noted that, if the Authority increases compliance levels and halts frivolous recruitments, they should be able to be comfortable.

She argued that either the Executive Director is not focusing on his job or the Authority appears to be bigger for him to manage.

Recently, negative newspaper publications have created the impression that SLRSA is broken because Autospect (SL) Limited has taken over its operations.

It has to be made very clear that, Autospect controls only four components of the operations of SLRSA. The twenty other components are still under the total control and management of SLRSA.

A senior official in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation yesterday warned the Executive Director to “focus on his job’ and avoid “unnecessary distractions”.

A spokesman for SLRSA admitted to the Global Times that, the revelations published by a local newspaper are embarrassing to the Authority.

She refused to comment further.
Reverend Smart K. Senesie is the SLPP Moyamba District Chairman and a senior member of the UMC.

Investigations continue.