The remains of a fifty-year-old man who got missing for at least one month have been found burnt to ash in Kainkordu town, Sao Chiefdom, Kono District.

When talking to this medium, the Sao Chiefdom Youth Chairman Sahr Peter maintained that it was last Friday when someone told him that people were crowded at the Kainkordu Police Post. He noted upon arriving at the said police post, a man identified as Kono Boy told everyone present that he had found the remains of a Human being who he believe was Shar Gbessay who was reported missing for over one month.

Explaining further to the people present at the Kainkordu police post, Kono Boy pointed out that the last time he says the decreased Shar Gbessay lying in the bush sleeping was when he wants to harvest grass for his animals. Asked to know whether he woke up Shar Gbessay who he thought was sleeping in the bush, Kono Boy responded.

The elder sister of the decreased Kumba Senesie noted that she was the caretaker of Shar Gbessay who he brought over to stay with her when she got married in Kainkordu town, Soa chiefdom, Kono District for the past fifteen years. Kumba Senesie further accused one Nancy Fofoy’s son Abu for killing her brother Shar Gbessay. Substantiating her allegation Kumba ago she heard Nancy and her son Abu discussing the plans to eliminate Shar Gbessay the decreased.

She noted that her brother the decreased over the past three years has been farming alongside Nancy. Meanwhile, Police at the Tankoro Divisional headquarters in Koidu city have arrested at least two people including Nancy Foyoh for the alleged killing of Shar Gbessay. Police report states that the remains of the decreased were found burnt to ash in a near by bush after he got missing for more then one month.

A-Z Newspaper reports that, police investigation has so far revealed that the decreased has been living in the aforementioned town with Nancy Foyoh and others but recently got missing mysteriously. The burnt skeletal remains of Shar Gbessay were found on last Friday. Police sources said the decreased must have been murdered in the said bush and burnt to ash.

It could be recalled that Shar Gbessay mysteriously got missing in early March this year and that whilst the search for him was ongoing they later discovered his burnt skeletons in a beans garden (Kosho). The matter under review was reported at the Kainkordu police post by a relative of the deceased Eric Shar Njamiema.