Edmond Abu, a prominent civil society activist, has called on flower importers in Sierra Leone to reduce the current price of flower to Nle750 in a bid to tackle inflation.

In a tweet, he confirmed that importers Sonoco, Pee Cee and Sons are still selling a bag of “Mega Happy Flour” for Nle 860 and GBV flour for Nle 1,000, highlighting a significant price discrepancy in the market.

โ€œStill on the bread and Butter Matter! A bag of GBV Flour is Nle 1,000 Plus imported by Sonoco, Pee Cee & Sons , a bag of Mega Happy Flour is @ Nle 860 per bag imported by Juldeh Shaw [BSB] not Nle 750@President Bio,โ€ he twitter.

Abu has been actively advocating for fair pricing practices in Sierra Leone and recently drew attention to the price differences during the month of Ramadan between Sierra Leone and Gambia. In Gambia, prices of commodities usually decrease during Ramadan, while Sierra Leone experiences the opposite.

As the country grapples with rising prices and inflation, Abu’s call to action challenges importers to play their part in ensuring access to affordable goods for Sierra Leoneans.

Meanwhile, the Brass Street Bakery (BSB) International Limited, a key importer of bread flour, has announced the availability of their product after a two-week shortage in the market.