The first accused in an ongoing land fraud case, before Magistrate, Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Court informed the Court that he is willing to refund the money he obtained from the plaintiff in a land deal.

According to the report, the amount of money the accused wants to refund is one hundred and twenty million old Leones (Le120,000,000).

Alusine Sesay, 47, in another appearance before the court hearing, responded to three options given to him and the second accused, Aloyious Kamara by the magistrate.

Magistrate Ngegba told the two accused to either choose among, relying on the statement made by the police, open their defense that which would mean bringing witness(s), or stand in the dock while responding to or asking questions.

The 35-year-old second accused – a surveyor attached to the Ministry of Lands, Aloyious Kamara, decided to open his defense and promised to bring one witness.

The magistrate gave them these options when their lawyer failed to turn up for the case.

The matter continued on Wednesday 1 March 2023, with the second prosecution witness Julius Jones, the husband of the complainant in the witness box.

He told the court that between July and December 2020, the second accused informed him and his wife about a piece of land for sale at No.2 River.

Meanwhile, the witness testified in Court that they went to the residence of the owner at Benguema, for more details about the land and the asking price.

According to him each of the four plots was Sixty thousand new Leones (NLe 60,000). However, the information that was communicated to the beneficiary led to the payment of the first installment of one hundred and twenty million old Leones (Le 120,000,000) to the second accused at his wife’s office for which a receipt was obtained.

The accused pleaded with Magistrate Mark Ngegba to allow him to refund the amount of money that was paid.