The AYV Media has engaged APC’s Alfred Minkailu Koroma and Imran Sillah on their own take as to why the former Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula was sacked by the President of Sierra Leone, Dr Julius Maada Bio.

In the Interview with Samuel Wise Bangura, the question of whether the reason for the sack was as a result of people’s calls, was putted forward to them.

In responding to that question, both Imran Sillah and Alfred Minkailu Koroma gave different submission which was best meaningful to them.

According to Imran Sillah, Ambrose Sovula was not sacked but he retired as he was already getting to the retirement age.

Describing the former IGP’s service to the nation, Imran Sillah showed that he is convinced that the former Inspector General served at the best of his abilities.

“Former IG Sovula is one that went through the ranks, from Constable to something else and right up, it shows that he was diligent in his work. It is better we ackweledge his service in the Police Force that got him to be Inspector General” he said.

Minkailu Koroma on the other hand emphasized that the sacking of the Former IGP was long overdue and that he was supposed to go.

The issues surrounding him are far too many. It was under his watch, a lot of things did happened. We saw indiscriminate killings by agents of the state, he was never brought to book” said Minkailu Koroma.

He ended that former IG Sovula’s sacking should have been done before now, therefore the government should come out clean and explain to the people reasons for his sacking.

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