Koa Denero  breaks silence on rumors going around social Media about the silence of the office of the entertainment ambassador for some time now, and on the rumors about child support

The Entertainment Ambassador Amara Dennis Turay popularly known as Kao Denero has in a video on social media debunks rumors about the silence of his office and also about the alledge child support saga.

The Hip hop legend whilst responding to comment on his page in the video said he wants to do more but people has to understand that most of this will happen with the support of government. He said even if one has said all the ideas they need support.

Ambassador Koa said to run a office u need to have a budget and an office space, but thankfully they have already secured an office space. He went on to state that he will not cast any blame on Government as he has been out of the country for some time now for reasons beyond his control.

The ambassador added that he does not normally take so long out of the country and made it clear that his long stay out of the country has nothing to do with child support as he is a responsible father and takes good care of his three children. He promised that he will soon go live with his eldest daughter who is about to turn 18 so people can see and hear the relationship between him and his daughter.

He furthered that he is not defending the lies and fabrication made by certain people because that is what some people has decided to bent on doing, adding that his ambassadors ambassadorship was by the grace of God.

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