Tensions rise in Bo City as residents demand a swift investigation into the ongoing dispute between former mayor Harold Logie Tucker and current mayor Kobba Musa regarding a series of stores in the Shellmingo area.

The controversy began when Tucker accused Mayor Musa of harassing him and forcibly opening the stores, he had invested in over the years. The stores, situated in a contentious area around public toilets built during Tucker’s tenure, have become the focal point of a bitter feud.

Investigations revealed that the Bo City Council had built these public toilets years ago, leading to a legal battle with Lawyer Charles Francis Margai, who resided nearby. The court ruled for the transformation of the toilets and fined the council Twenty-Seven Million Old Leones for damages. Chief Administrator Veronica Fortune paid part of the fine, but tensions escalated when the new mayor, Kobba Musa, initiated investigations into council-owned properties, including the disputed stores.

The ownership of the stores remains unclear, fueling the ongoing conflict between Tucker and Musa. The matter has been formally brought to the authorities, but the pace of the investigation has drawn criticism, with residents fearing its impact on local development.

Recently, unknown persons damaged Mayor Musa’s office, adding to the growing unease in Bo City. As the acrimony between the former and current mayor intensifies, residents emphasize the urgency of resolving the issue to prevent further disruptions to crucial developmental projects in the area.