In an interview conducted on November 27, 2023, Gibril Beddor Bangura, widely known as Money Jagaban and the Chief Executive Officer of Jagaban Ataya Base in Port Loko City, provided insights into the utilization of 15 million Leones and $100 given to him by Alhaji Omodou Kamara, commonly referred to as Jagaban.

Bangura recounted the initial encounter with the prominent politician during a period of seat construction and painting. He revealed that the $100 was specifically provided to complete the ongoing work.

“He gave me 27 million Leones, but in the interim, I have used only 15 million Leones to enhance the Base. I purchased two Plasma TVs, a super sport setup, nearly 20 chairs, and four mobile rubber tables. Additionally, I acquired a canopy and plan to further the construction by adding benches to expand the Base,” he explained.

Elaborating on the base’s history, Bangura stated, “I initiated this Base in 2021 at the Kholifa Area. However, due to disagreements among the locals, I opted to relocate to the current site on January 5, 2023. Jagaban happened to pass by, stopped, and assisted me. His support on that day inspired me to name the Base after him.”

Bangura highlighted the deepening of his relationship with Jagaban, noting that they maintained communication even when the latter was in America. He disclosed an ongoing project for a radio station that will share the same name.

Bangura clarified that Jagaban Ataya Base is a fan base rather than a movement and is open to everyone. Currently hosting over 50 members, he aims to officially register the Base with the Council.