Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh has welcomed the Executive Director of the African Agricultural Transformation Initiative (AATI), Safia Boly to sierra Leone.

It is noted that the AATI is co-founded by IFAD, Gates Foundation, McKinsey & AGRA Africa.

In a discussion with Boly, the Minister of Agriculture, Henry Musa Kpaka detailed President Julius Maada Bio’s plans for agricultural transformation and commitment.

Minister Kpaka added that Bio’s plan could serve as a good development story for Sierra Leoneans.

“This matters because in New York, we had several engagements with the BMGF and the Chairman-Africa for McKinsey. A major part of President Bio’s engagement in the US was centered on his vision for agriculture and for us, it is critical that we don’t lose any time to accelerate towards our commitments. For us, these are the bridge between policy and practice.” The Minister stated.

More than half of Sierra Leone’s rural population are engaged in agriculture but the West African nation has failed to max out the industry.

Experts said the major challenge facing the country’s agriculture sector is the lack of mechanise farming to boost productivity. A very large number of farmers in rural Sierra Leone are engaged in subsistence agriculture.