In its Poverty Alleviation and Social Development drive, The Chinese Embassy in Freetown has disbursed Nle 350,000 for the construction of a footbridge in the municipality of Bo District.

According to the Information, Education and Communication Unit of NACSA, these funds came about as a result of previous engagements among the NaCSA Commissioner, Mayors, and Chairpersons of local councils.

NaCSA has been working hard to ensure the Chinese Embassy actively participates in Poverty alleviation and social development projects.

The commissioner of NaCSA Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina accompanies the Mayor of Bo City His Worship Musa Kobba to the Chinese Embassy in Freetown for the disbursement.

In a similar development, the Chinese Embassy through NaCSA has provided traveling opportunities to China for four District Local council Chairpersons and a Councillor from Bonthe, Bo, Kenema, and Moyamba.