An ex-pupil of Christ the King College CKC Bo, Paul Duwai Sowa has presented lab equipment to the Science department of his alma mater on behalf of COBA USA Branch.

Mr. Paul recalled that sometime ago they promised to renovate and equip the laboratory, which heCOBA North America Branch Donates Lab infoCOBA North America Branch Donates Lab rmed COBA North America Branch and have fulfilled their promise by given a facelift to the science lab.

“COBA North America Branch donated fifteen thousand United States dollars towards the construction of new classrooms. We also gave 10 thousand dollars to repair the cracks in the building and the left over was put towards the fencing project”, he said.

He added there are a lot of people who mean well for the school like the heads of COBA UK Dr. Christopher Sonda and COBA North America Barba Tarawalie Jr. who is a science Teacher in US.

He informed they presented chairs to the school worth 25 thousand dollars during the tenure of Mr. Andrew Thomas.

He also informed they have done their best to elevate the school

Mr. PD Sowa disclosed, they will be looking at other proposals to develop the school, and thankfully he said he has returned to the country and he will continue to represent COBA North America .

He acknowledged that, Christ the King College used to top the best grades in science subjects in Sierra Leone.

“Sometimes we will have 5-9 distinctions in the sciences, which was a difficult feat for Bo School and Amadhiyya Secondary School”.

“Science and technology is the future of everything in this world. Whether you are doing Arts or doing crafts, etc, there is some form of technology. We want you to produce the best results for Christ the King College”, he encouraged the pupils.

He added, “you promised us the exams you are taking will be devoid of malpractices as we used to get the best results in the 60s , 70s , 80s and 90s”, he noted.

He urged the pupils to take their education seriously as they have so many opportunities now at their disposal.

One of the outstanding science teachers of Bo, Abraham Pabai on behalf of the administration thanked Mr. Sowa and colleagues for the donation to their alma mater for supporting the the science department.
He said Christ the King College is extremely happy for the donation.

He said they are trying their best to see that the pupils do extremely well.

“In 2014 Edison Bundeh a Medical Doctor now and Mohamed Fofana in 2017 got 4 As and 4 Bs now in his final year engineering at FBC,” he informed, and said this is a reason they should
continue supporting them.

He challenged the pupils to do better than what others have done before.

” I want to assure Mr. Sowa and team that these materials will be used judiciously and in the correct manner for our pupils to continue good grades.

The items donated included a material in physics, an inclined plane and it is there to talk about friction. Friction he said is a force that opposes motion of a body.

He noted the donation will go a long way to strengthen the Science department of CKC and boasted that CKC is one of the best institutions in Sierra Leone in terms of sciences.

He also said, those who did science in CKC and have completed University are doing well and they will not want that standard to go down.

Mr. Mohamed Conteh called on other branches and old pupils to emulate what the North America Branch has manifested to CKC.