Diabetic Father of Sylvia Blyden Has Been Declared Missing

Edward Babatunde Blyden, Father of Sierra Leonean  female Journalist and Publisher of Awareness Times Newspaper, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has been declared missing.

According to reports, the 72-Yr-Old Man is a British citizen and a pensioner having retired from his job in London few years back.

Narrating the occurrence that led to the sudden disappearance of the diabetic Old Man, Sylvia wrote:

“He left his house to go to the shop on Friday morning. Did not come back. A very serious situation. The entire Police in his area are now searching for him. It is all so unbelievable. He has now been missing for over 48 hours. He is 72 years old and prone to Diabetes attacks. His carer said he did not eat his breakfast on Friday morning but got dressed and headed for the shops. He has not been seen since. Last person who saw him was his neighbour and he waved to her happily as he headed in direction of the shop.

Reliable sources who spoke to Sierraloaded said that the Man might have been hijacked by Unknown gunmen as CCTV video recordings inside the shop showed that he never entered there.

“It is now a high incidence matter and the Police are using extra manpower, sniffer dogs on the ground and helicopter from the air to search for him. Police using the helicopter over a specified radius around the house in case he collapsed in a field or something”, Sylvia further wrote on her Personal Facebook acoount.

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Sylivia Blyden has however called for People to help find her missing Father.

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