Alie Mansaray, an herbalist who came to Court No. 3 Ross Road, Freetown to witness a malicious damage case, was arrested by a Police Officer Sergeant 8534 Gibrilla Sesay who was told by Lawyer M.P George that the herbalist came with a witch gun to release on her as he is against him. It was said in open Court by the lawyer before the Magistrate.

The Magistrate called the suspect and interrogated him but he denied the allegation. But the Magistrate said he smelled the release of the witch gun and he must be disarmed.

Magistrate Hadiru Daboh ordered Sergeant 8534 Gibrilla Sesay to disarm him. The Police Officer took the suspect at the back of the Court and disarmed him.

The Police Officer came and informed the Magistrate that the witch gun was inside the stomach of the herbalist which he has taken and disposed of it; that it was powerless as the herbalist has already wasted it outside before coming inside with it into court.

The herbalist was detained for several hours and later released.