As one of the leading district student union, the Kailahun District student union (KaIDSU) have staged free summer lesson for students in almost the entire district.

Specific center towns within the district were captured as centers. 1. Kailahun township 2. Beudu community 3. Pendembu community 4. Daru community 5. Bunumbu community 6.Joijoima community and 7.Segbewma community.

This summer is conducted by sons and daughters of the said district who are in various tertiary institutions pursuing different courses. Amazingly, the summer lesson is called operation pay back to your community diligently.

This student union body (KaIDSU) is calling on any helpful and meaningful citizen in and out of the district to help in whatever way to maintain the effectiveness of the process. For more information contact the education minister Mr. Mamoud Moriba for the said student union on 030407741.