The Kellie Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting football in Sierra Leone, has recently launched an initiative called “Feed 10,000 Poor and Underprivileged Households” in every district of the country.

The foundation’s CEO Elijah Kellie, Moses Kellie stated that their goal is to empower, educate, advocate, support, and facilitate young people to help themselves and their communities through self-advocacy.

He furthered that they aim to create a safe and loving environment where young people can feel appreciated for who they are.

Adding that Over the past 17 years, the foundation has made significant progress in improving and developing the lives of many people in Sierra Leone by supporting community groups, projects, families, and individuals.

Citing that their programs focus on developing basic life skills, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem through mentoring, and providing food, clothing, shelter, scholarships, and educational programs to disadvantaged youth.

The foundation has established a system to provide basic food items such as rice, oil, maggi, tomato, salt, and water.

The CEO urged Sierra Leoneans to support their cause by donating food items such as rice, palm oil, sardines, magpies, and salt. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of 10,000 poor and underprivileged households.

The Kellie Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is fully registered in Sierra Leone. It was established as a non-profit organization in 2006 by the Kellie Brothers in the United Kingdom.