Sierra Leonean Government Pathologist, Dr. Simone Owizz Koroma, Reportedly Attacked by a Witch Bird at His Residence.

This information was disclosed in court on Wednesday 6th September 2023 by State Counsel of the Judiciary of Sierra Leone, Solomon Christian Kekura Esq after he failed to attend in court to testifies on different matters.

Solomon Christian Kekura Esq told the court that his leading witness Dr Owizz Koroma was absent in court to testify because he was attacked by a Witch bird that stroke him at his home and that had forced him not to give witness in over fifty (50) judicial matters.

Solomon Christian Kekura Esq told the court that one of Dr. Koroma’s relatives who is a traditional healer affirmed to him that a human transformed into a bird to cause havoc on him and to prevent him from testifying in court.

“My witness told me that the bird hit him on his leg and later caught and burnt,” Kekura Esq affirms.

He revealed that Dr. Simon owiz Korama is responding to traditional medication by a relative who informed him that the bird was sent by unknown persons to hurt him.