In a proactive move on Thursday, 18th January 2024, the Local Unit Commander of the Bo West Division, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Alphonso Abdulai Fambulleh, widely known as “CORRECT MAN,” acquainted himself with the school administrators of SOS and JCC Pre-Primary, Junior, and Senior Secondary Schools. This strategic engagement unfolded as an alleged planned protest gained momentum in the Bo West Division.

Recognizing the importance of understanding the school administration’s stance during potentially sensitive situations, LUC Fambulleh conducted thorough research on key members and initiated communication through appropriate channels, aimed at fostering collaboration and maintaining peace in the South.

“I am here to discuss the social media planned protest, which the police consider the wrong approach. I equally want to share my perspective, concerns, and potential solutions. I will also listen to your viewpoints and any actions you plan to take,” stated CSP Fambulleh during the meeting.

To ensure informed decision-making, the LUC familiarized himself with the school’s policies on protests, social media usage, and student conduct. This understanding allowed him to establish boundaries within which the administration would operate.

The visit not only served to address immediate concerns but also played a vital role in building a positive working relationship. Engaging in conversations with staff members fostered open lines of communication and established rapport.

The police team, led by CSP Fambulleh, included Sub-Inspector Kadie Munu, Sergeant Molu, and other low-ranking officers. Their collective efforts aimed at maintaining peace and addressing the social media-driven protest through collaborative means.