Hon. Mamoud Kamara, the representative of Western Area Urban from the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, addressed the newly elected Speakers of Parliament, urging them to avoid the errors of their predecessors.

During the 49th sitting of Parliament on May 7, 2024, he congratulated Hon. Solomon Sengehpoh Thomas and Deputy Speaker Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh.

Expressing gratitude to the acting Speaker, Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh, for the opportunity to speak, Hon. Kamara commended his fellow MPs for electing Hon. Tawa as Deputy Speaker, expressing confidence in his ability to serve Lumley and the nation. He extended congratulations to Hon. Thomas, citing their earlier acquaintance when Hon. Thomas served as a solicitor clerk.

Emphasizing the need for parliamentary reform and trust-building with constituents, Hon. Mamoud stressed the importance of legislators prioritizing the interests of their districts. He prayed for impartiality and wisdom from the Speakers, highlighting past injustices under previous leadership.

Noting Hon. Thomas’s relative youth at 47, Hon. Mamoud highlighted the Speaker’s potential to rectify past mistakes. He urged against repeating past incidents of violence and legislative abuse, urging a fair and transparent approach to governance.

Addressing specific concerns from his district, Hon. Mamoud appealed for attention to issues such as road conditions affecting thousands of constituents. He concluded by expressing hope for collaborative efforts and divine guidance in addressing the needs of the people.