The Deputy Director of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) in Pujehun District, Lansana Rogers has formally advised all teachers to prioritize policy orientation by mastering various educational policies and guidelines that relate to their profession.

These directives come as part of a broader initiative to ensure that teachers in the District are well-informed and equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide effective and inclusive education to students. The Deputy Director stressed the importance of understanding and implementing policies that directly impact the education sector.

Teachers are urged to familiarize themselves with the following key policies and guidelines:

Firstly, Code of Conduct: Teachers are expected to adhere to the highest ethical standards in their interactions with students, colleagues, and the community.

Secondly, Professional Standards: Maintaining professional excellence and upholding the integrity of the teaching profession is crucial.

2023 Education Act: Teachers should have a comprehensive understanding of the latest educational legislation to ensure compliance and informed decision-making.

Radical Inclusion Policy: Ensuring that every student, regardless of their background or abilities, has access to quality education is a top priority.

Free Quality School Education (FQSE) Policy: This policy aims to provide free and quality education to all children in Sierra Leone and must be implemented effectively.

School Feeding Policy: Understanding and supporting programs that address the nutritional needs of students for improved learning outcomes.

Guidelines on Classroom Management: Efficient classroom management techniques are essential for creating a conducive learning environment.

School Management: School administrators should be well-versed in policies related to the effective management of educational institutions.

Subject Content: Teachers should continuously update their knowledge in their respective subject areas to deliver high-quality instruction.

Rogers emphasized that a thorough grasp of these policies and guidelines is essential for delivering an education that meets the needs of the district’s diverse student population. It is expected that teachers will actively engage in professional development activities and seek support from educational authorities to ensure their compliance with these policies.

This initiative by the Director of TSC in Pujehun District reflects a commitment to improving the overall quality of education in the district and ensuring that students receive the best possible learning experience. Teachers are encouraged to embrace this opportunity for professional growth and contribute to the advancement of education in the District.