In a relentless pursuit to curb the rampant issue of cable theft, the Regional Police Commander South, AIG Brima Kanneh, has emphasized the escalating challenge posed by this criminal activity.

The Sierra Leone Police, under his leadership, is resolute in its commitment to apprehend culprits involved in such thefts.

The latest arrest in this ongoing crackdown was made on Thursday, 5th October 2023. Kantay Bangalie was apprehended along Prince Williams Street, UBC School, Bo, around 19:00 hours, bringing a momentary halt to his alleged involvement in the theft of a significant quantity of copper electrical cable.

A series of community engagements have been organized, facilitating discussions about preventive strategies against cable theft and other major crimes within society, particularly in the South region. These meetings have proven instrumental in fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas among attendees. Such dialogues have provided a valuable platform for progress in combatting cable theft and related crimes across the region.

The Regional Police Commander highlighted the global surge in cable theft incidents, attributing this rise to the unique properties of copper, including high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. As the demand for copper escalates worldwide, incidents of cable theft have followed suit, leading to substantial economic losses and disruptions to critical infrastructure in various countries.

Investigations have revealed that stolen copper and aluminum cables from different locations in Bo are raising concerns over security due to the increased demand for these materials. The suspect, Kantay Bangalie, has implicated two others, Junior and Tikeh, who are currently on the run. Allegedly, they conspired with him to commit the cable theft, using a commercial motorbike with registration number AUY 788 for their illicit activities.

The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has claimed ownership of the stolen copper cable. The police have sought assistance from the procurement office to evaluate the value of the confiscated item. In the ongoing investigation, the police are being aided by the recovery of the stolen cable, the apprehended suspect, and the motorbike allegedly used in the crime.

Leading the charge in this investigation is Detective Sergeant 11272 Brima S.A, whose dedicated efforts underscore the police force’s commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice and curbing the growing menace of cable theft in the region.