A 34-year-old man was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment after he was found guilty and convicted for killing his younger brother in Freetown.

The convict Abibola Lionel Jones was standing trail together with his sister, Gifty Jones, on two count charges of conspiracy and murder contrary to law.

However, the 12-men jury returned guilty verdict for Abibola Lionel Jones and not guilty verdict for Gifty Jones.

The State Prosecutor, Jessy Tucker, alleged that on diverse date between 28th of April and 7th May 2017 in Freetown, conspired with unknown people and murdered their younger brother, Sholade Jones.

The presiding Judge Ansumana Ivan Sesay, after the verdict of the jury, acquitted and discharged Gifty Jones and sentenced convict Abibola Lionel Jones to life imprisonment.

According to the judge, the first prosecution witness, Ekundayo Williams, had testified that on 29th of April, 2017, the deceased ran towards him after the convict chased him with a stick.

He further testified that he saw the convict hit the deceased on the neck with the stick he was holding and further chased him, noting that the deceased dropped and collapsed.

He told the court that the convict after hitting the deceased ran away at first but later returned with the same stick and cutlass and that the convict hit the deceased with the stick for the second time, but that he (the witness) prevented him from hitting the deceased with the cutlass.

He said he later took the deceased to the police station where they made statement and medical request form was issued to the deceased.

The judge said the second prosecution witness,Olu Coker, a trader also testified that on 29 April 2017, he saw the convict chasing the deceased with a stick, noting that he also saw the convict hit the deceased with a stick and run away. He said deceased later complained pain after he was hit by the convict.

Justice Sesay said both the convict and the discharged sister made a denial statement to the police and the convict also denied hitting the deceased with a stick.

The judge said it was reported that the deceased died one week after the incident and pathologist report showed that the deceased suffered severe physical assault, specifically on the neck and also suffered from a blunt force fractured injury causing dislocation of the cervical vertebrae and spinal cord and died by neurogenic shock and hemorrhage.

Defending Lawyer Cecilia Tucker from the Legal Aid Board, counsel pleaded for mercy on behalf of the convict on the grounds that he is a first time offender and a family man with children.

She further told the court that the convict is the bread winner of his family and if imprisoned it will cause hardship on his family and his children will be deprived.

However, justice Sesay sentenced the convict to life imprisonment.