The Secretary of the National Market Women Association, Haja Rabiatu Conteh has disassociated their organization from being part of Munafa fund -a cash support given to market traders by the government.

“Market Women Association is not part of ‘Munafa fund. We were not consulted,” Conteh said in an interview with AYV TV.

She confirmed that some traders benefited from the fund but not under their supervision as the authorized body representing traders which has been in existence for the past 28 years, with different traders organizations coming together.

She disclosed that data of beneficiaries was requested by the organization but it’s yet to be produced, adding that they sought to consult them on the faultiness of the disbursement of the fund in the past but declined the request because they were not included at the initial stage.

The Secretary General further disclosed that as a way of helping their members, they are in partnership with Sierra Leone Commercial Bank to provide loans to their members after saving a particular amount at the bank and the organization will stand as a guarantor with a minimum interest rate of one digit.

She further explained that, as traders they are making huge sacrifices to make sure their customers get what they want in the market.