The leadership of the Mile 91 Police Division has on Saturday 14th June 2024 engaged key political parties stakeholders and community leaders in the Mile 91 township to ensure there’s peace and security during and after the June 19th, 20th and 21st 2024. The meeting took place at the frontage of the Mile 91 Police Station.

Members of political parties, Drivers Union,Traders Union, Local Policing Partnership Board, Okada Riders are among the stakeholders who attended the meeting.

The meeting between the police and stakeholders in the town is to make sure the area remains peaceful and people go about their normal businesses ahead of the alleged plan protest. Recently, a section of society has been planning to protest on June 19th 2024, a date the Tripartite will make its recommendations public. There have been calls on social media for citizens to protest should what many say President Julius Maada Bio refused to leave office.


Responding to the call for a protest, the head of Security in the Division, Chief Superintendent of Police Michael JK Lagga says the engagement is to ensure there’s no security breach during and after the dates of the said planned protest.

“All of us here present in the meeting have a role to play to ensure everyone is safe. As stakeholders, I’m calling on you all to help the police in making sure there is peace and decorum in and outside Mile 91,” CSP Lagga said.

The Mile 91 Local Unit Commander says the police are setting up a team to monitor activities of residents throughout the said days of the planned protest. In fact , CSP Lagga said the protest illegal and nobody has written a letter to the Police for protest.

Vice Chairman of the Local Policing Partnership Board, Rev. Joseph Kamara underscores the importance of the meeting by calling on all present to inform the police of any potential threat. On behalf of the Tonkolili District Council, Councillor Maseray Sampil Kamara said they’re committed to ensure the Communities around Mile 91, Yoni chiefdom and Tonkolili District are free from violence.

At local level, the Councilor said they will cascade the message to everyone.

At the end of the meeting, there were action points that will be implemented and among them is to do a radio talk show in order for the message to be cascaded. Members of political parties present and other dignitaries pledged to support the police in making sure the entire community is not only peaceful, but also free from any security breach.