The 2018 Presidential Candidate and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) made an appearance in a white T. Shirt, short gray trousers, gray slippers, a black and white cold cap, and a blue face mask, accompanied in a wheelchair by a Military Armed Officer and Correctional Service Officers.

The accused person has for the past six weeks been admitted at the above hospital undergoing medical treatment and observation, seen on a daily bases by Doctors Dao and T. B. Kamara.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray’s lead defense counsel Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai sought one more hearing before the close of the defense case.

Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai informed the court that for the past four to five months he had been within and out of the Jurisdiction on schooling. This long absence of him (Saffa) in the matter, he said, should not be at the detriment of the accused person Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray who is reportedly sick and suffering from prostrate complications.

The trial Judge, Justice Samuel Omodale Taylor said “defense counsels cannot get anything from this court, because you have treated this court with utmost disrespect”.

Justice Taylor reminded defense counsels that with all the several absences of counsels, there is no report before the Court for their various absences. The Judge went on that the Defense Counsel’s argument speaks more to the accused person’s medical condition and not seeming the progress of the court.

“What I want to know is the way forward for the proceedings, I have been on this trial for three years and if you want to benefit from me show respect”, Justice Samuel Omodale Taylor stressed.

Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai acknowledged lapses from the side of the defense, but said he was not aware of most of those adjournments.

Justice Taylor further blamed the Correctional Service for acting without the knowledge of the court by taking and admitting the accused person (Kamarainba) to the Connaught Hospital without regard to the court.

The one more date for the hearing of the defense case, by Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, was overruled and a two weeks time-line adjournment was granted for closing arguments, scheduled on 17th November 2022.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and Co. accused Marion Lamin Around are before the Court Answering to related offenses, including sexual penetration to aiding and abetting contrary to Law.