The management of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) has warned the general public to be cognizant of fraudsters receiving payments for place at Sewa Grounds.

NASSIT, in a notice shared on social media, warned the general public against some individuals purporting to be operatives of the Trust and wrongfully receiving payment from citizens for place at the Sewa Grounds Market.

The Trust said that “The attention of the Management of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) has been drawn to persons or a group of persons allegedly collecting money from unsuspecting traders and the general public for the purpose of securing a place at the Sewa Grounds Market.”

Going forward, they called on the public to be aware that their office has not mandated any individual to collect money from traders for place at the market.

The public is informed that NASSIT has not mandated anybody to solicit anything from the traders for the Sewa Grounds Market,” they advised.

More so, they warned that any person(s) that made payment to anyone would do so at their own detriment and will not blame the Trust.

Please be advised not to transact business with these ill-motivated people for the Sewa Grounds market, as doing so will be at your own risk,” they accounted.

At the end, they admonished the public to report any person(s) to any nearby NASSIT office or Police station.

Management is also kindly requesting the public to report these unscrupulous people or groups of people to the nearest NASSIT office or Police Station,” they ended.