Native Consortium Commends The Pra For Reducing The Pump Price To Le18 Per Liter & Urges Them To Reduce The Pump Price Of Fuel Further Down To Le 15. That Is Closer To What Is Prevailing In The Sub-Region

Native Consortium & Research Center Unequivocally Condemns The Failed Coup That Led To The Killing Of Civilians And Police Officers Perpetrated In Some Parts Of The Country And Calls For A Full Scale Investigation And Bring To Book All Those Involved Within Two (2) Months. The Consortium Was Waiting On The Statement From The President. We Want To Urge President Bio That This Is Not A Time For Toothless Speeches Or Else H.E. Will Be Gambling With Our Peace, Security And Democracy Of Our Beloved Sierra Leone, The President Will Be Equally Held Responsible Just Like We Will Hold Some Key Leaders Of The Opposition Responsible For The 10Th August Insurrection

The Consortium Expresses Its Deepest Sympathy And Condolences To The Families Of Those We Have Lost Into This Senseless Carnage. The Blood Of These Souls Will Be On The Heads Of All Those Who Shared Those Inciting Massages, The Sponsors And Even Those Who Chose To Keep Quiet When There Was An Existential Danger On Our Peace.

The Consortium Wants To Remind All Our Religious Leaders, Political Leaders, International Moral Guarantors, Press Release-Activists, Political Leaders, And The Private Sector Of The Popular Parable Which Says “if You See A Thief At Your Neighbor’S  House And Keep Silent You Are Equally Guilty As The Thief.”

The Bogus Press Releases Will Never Bring Back Those Lost Souls Or Even Console Their Families If At All We Could Have Condemned, Named And Shamed All Those Self-Seeking Politicians Who Are Involved by calling them to go out We Could Have Saved This Bloodshed.

Going Forward, If We Don’t Stand Up For The Truth, Our Hypocrisy Will Undo All The Post War Gains We Have Made In The Alter Of Greedy Politicians. Remember, This Is Not About President Bio Any More. It Is About The Sanctity, Peace And Democracy Of Sierra Leone. When The January 6 1999 Insurgency Happened, It Did Not Touch The President. At The End, The Late President Kabba Was Reinstated.

So, Those Calling For President “Bio Must Go” Should Understand that they’re Committing a treasonable offense. This Is Supposed To Be The Messages To Our Mosques And Churches By Our Religious Leaders. We Have Only 10 Months To The Elections. Let Anyone Go To The Polls And Express His/Her Democratic Mandate And Not By Insurgence.