Residents of the No9 community Lumley have in a jubilant mood welcomed the homecoming of popular sierra Leonean US-Based philanthropist Mr. Sikiru Bakarr popularly known as Sk

Mr. Sk as he is widely known is also well known for his tremendous gestures to the people of the No9 community.

Ibrahim Koroma a well-known youth within the community showered praise on Mr. SK and said he has proven that you don’t have to be a politician for you to be able to help your people

He discloses that even though Mr. SK is not a politician he has been constantly providing foodstuff, learing materials for kids, and many more basic nesseceties for the people of the community.

He furthered that such a man deserves a rousing welcome and that is why the people of the community are out in their numbers to welcome a man that has helped them in so many ways

He adds that the community will also honor MR SK by organizing a one-day football gala in his honor to show sign of appreciation for his countless effort in making sure the well-being of his people are being taken care off

In response, Mr. SK thanks and Appreciate the people of the community for such an honor and vows to continue supporting them in his own little way
He adds that he truly appreciates the youths for going further to honor him with a football gala