Andrew Mustapha Kamara, The Regional Police Commander-East (RegPol), Commissioner and other stakeholders have engaged various sectors and all walks of life within Kenema City and its environs, on security and other related security issues.

The engagement was done at the Kenema City Council Hall on Saturday, September 9 and was attended by different stakeholders and other individuals including the transport sector.

In his statement, the Regional Commander-East stated that, every sector in important to rollout security and protection with the SLP taking the lead in that direction, adding that, their activities are being regulated by the law and therefore they must be upheld.

Quoting the Public Order Act no.46 of 1965, Mr. Kamara opined that every citizen has the right to a peaceful protest or demonstration, but must do it within the confinement of the law, and must be approved by the Inspector General of police. He reminded all that Sierra Leone is a sovereign state with laws and therefore, all must conform within the ambit of the laws of the State.

Commissioner Kamara informed all that the Eastern Region has been identified as one of the most peaceful Regions before, during and after the General Elections, and therefore encouraged all to maintain that status quo.

He warned all and sundry to give peace a chance and to see it as one of the instruments of development in any nation. He furthered that one must not be used or incited to disturb the peace of this country. If done, perpetrators would face the full sanction of the law.