The Sierra Leone Police together with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) destroyed dredges used for illegal mining along the Sewa River.

The operation is said to have been conducted in Lugbu Chiefdom, Bo District where illegal mining is believed to be on the rise.

Authorities indicated that similar activities were carried out in the Eastern Region where dredges and other equipment used by illegal miners were confiscated and destroyed.

Both the South and East of Sierra Leone are considered to be among the richest regions in the country in terms of natural resources. Several artisanal and large-scale mining is conducted along river banks and murky swamps in the two regions.

The two regions are rich in gold and diamond but often fall prey to illegal mining activities thereby destroying the environment with little or nothing to the state and mining communities.

Before now, security forces faced difficulties navigating the riverine areas due to lack of equipment but the police recently unveiled speedboats to tackle the illicit mining.

Authorities promised to continue such operations to nab perpetrators.