Under the leadership of Assistant Inspector General of Police, Brima Kanneh, the Sierra Leone Police initiated a significant operation aimed at dismantling drug cartels operating within Bo City.

The operation, conducted in collaboration with proactive intelligence services and community members, involved targeted raids on known drug dens, leading to the arrest of key cartel members and the seizure of tangible drugs and weapons, including scissors used in the processing of the illicit drug known as Kush.

AIG Kanneh emphasized the operation’s goal: to disrupt the drug trade, dismantle cartels, and bring offenders to justice. This effort underscores the police’s commitment to making communities safer and eliminating the influence of organized crime in the region.

The operation, which targeted areas such as Tikonko Road and New York communities, is ongoing. The police are urging the public to provide any information that could aid in combating drug cartels. Residents are reminded to report any suspicious activities that threaten community peace and security, emphasizing the importance of sustained vigilance in keeping neighborhoods safe.

As the operation continues, the Sierra Leone Police, led by AIG Kanneh, remains steadfast in its determination to uphold law and order and protect communities from the detrimental effects of drug trafficking and organized crime.