Lebanese national Fouad Ayoub is the new self appointed boss. He has been arrested and currently detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters for producing, marketing and selling Sierra Leonean Ordinary and Diplomatic Passports.

Ayoub is now a key suspect in the investigation.

Standard Times Newspaper reveals that Police need his cooperation in a number of ways which included but not limited to the quantum of passport sold out, including Ordinary and Service Passports. Where he got the mandate to market Sierra Leonean Passports. Where he is getting the supply from and under which Ministry of Government his passport office is registered or operating with/without the knowledge of the Sierra Leone Government.

Police downloaded different currencies including dollars and Leones from his pockets and office when they raided his secret passport office. Also exhibits were discovered

In the office. It was a tip-off received by police that Fouad Ayouab was operating a secret passport office on Rawdon Street which is attracting many Sierra Leoneans who desperately need passports.

The secret passport office Fouad reportedly operated by Fouad Ayoub has negatively resulted to the scarcity of passports at the Immigration Office.

Many Sierra Leoneans are reportedly spending weeks and sometimes months to secure passports, and especially those who are not ready to spend $150.00 to secure an Ordinary Sierra Leonean Passport.

Statement was obtained from him by one officer called Hassan, but not yet concluded nted as it was postponed today and when proper interrogation will the be done.

Money hungry private legal practitioners were seen at the compound of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), trying to massage the key interrogation and indirectly telling their client what to say. It is unclear as to what defense these money hungry looking lawyers would make on behalf of their client, especially when his office is not the legally registered office that deals with passport in the Country.

Although Fouad Ayoub at this er point cannot plead guilty to whatever charge the Police may put to him, however, a plea bargain would suffice, than to waste time challenging the issues that might be raise by aolice” One of the Lawyers remarked.

A very senior police officer has looked at the matter with evidence available and has concluded that the matter is a serious one that would involve some big heads if Fouad Ayoub is to call names. “This is a syndicate,” he concluded