On Thursday, May 30th, 2024, Mrs. Matilda Doris Sellu, President of the Police Wife Association and wife of Inspector General of Police, Mr. William Fayia Sellu, inaugurated a sensitization campaign to address the alarming rise in kush intake and substance abuse in the Bo community. The initiative aims to educate residents about the severe consequences of drug use and promote healthier lifestyle choices.

Mrs. Sellu emphasized the urgency of combating substance abuse to foster a safer and healthier environment for all residents. “By raising awareness about these issues, we can collectively work to prevent the harmful effects of drug abuse,” she stated, highlighting the community’s role in creating a positive impact.

She announced the government’s plans to construct rehabilitation centers across the country, a move that has been widely supported by the citizens of Sierra Leone. “This campaign is a crucial step in tackling the growing problem of substance abuse in Bo City. With collective effort, we can ensure a safer future for all,” she added.

Mrs. Sellu called on women to join the fight against drug abuse, commending police officers in the Southern region under Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Brima Kanneh for their relentless efforts. “We must succeed in this fight if we work together,” she urged.

AIG Brima Kanneh, hosting the event, praised the initiative and assured Mrs. Sellu of full support from the Southern region. He acknowledged the community’s and police officers’ collaborative efforts in combating drug abuse and emphasized the significant impact such campaigns can have on reducing drug-related harm.

AIG Kanneh highlighted the correlation between kush use and the rise in crime rates, addiction, and health issues. “Educating the youth about the dangers of drug use is crucial as it has serious, long-lasting consequences on physical and mental health, relationships, and future opportunities,” he stressed.

The event saw meaningful contributions from various stakeholders, including the Mayor, the Paramount Chief, representatives from the 5 Infantry Brigade, Local Policing Partnership Boards, Civil Society, and the Bike Riders Union of Bo District. Each affirmed their commitment to supporting the campaign and working towards a drug-free community.