The chairman of Pujehun District Council, Foday Kandeh Rogers, has vowed to combat the sales of kush within the district, citing the importance of safeguarding the well-being of the youth and the future of Sierra Leone

Being a passionate champion for youth welfare and the advancement of Pujehun District, Rogers has wholeheartedly committed to working in partnership with various stakeholders. Together, they aim to eliminate the menace of kush, a hazardous and detrimental substance that imperils the prospects of the district’s young generation, and by extension, the entire nation of Sierra Leone.

During an interview, the chairman underscored the harmful influence of kush on the youth of Pujehun District. He fervently conveyed his apprehensions regarding the severe repercussions of kush consumption, detailing the adverse effects on both the physical and mental health of young individuals, along with its potential to undermine their chances of a prosperous future.

Chairman Rogers declared, “We cannot sit idly by while the future of our young people is being eroded by the devastating effects of kush. It is our moral duty to take a stand and join forces with our partners to wage a war against this destructive substance. We owe it to the youth of Pujehun and to Sierra Leone as a whole to protect their potential and ensure they have every opportunity to thrive.”

The collaboration with various partners will form a multi-pronged approach to tackle the issue comprehensively. This approach will include increased public awareness campaigns, community engagement, law enforcement efforts, and the establishment of support systems for individuals struggling with kush addiction. The council chairman believes that this concerted effort will not only reduce the prevalence of kush sales but also create an environment in which the youth can pursue education, employment, and a healthier lifestyle without the shadow of this harmful substance.

The chairman’s determination to combat kush sales is a significant step forward in safeguarding the well-being of youth and securing a brighter future for Sierra Leone. The united effort of the chairman and his partners is poised to make a lasting impact on the district, setting an inspiring example for other communities to follow in the fight against the destructive influence of such substances.

The battle against kush sales is set to become one of the key priorities of Chairman Mr. Foday Kandeh Rogers, reinforcing his commitment to creating a thriving and vibrant District that offers a safe, supportive, and prosperous environment for all its residents.