The Pujehun Magistrate Court has handed down verdicts on three separate cases of unlawful drug possession, marking a stern stance against the illicit drug trade in the region.

Four individuals, identified as Mohamed Mansaray, Zainab Kpaka, Hawa Bangura, and Massah Swaray, found themselves standing trial at the Pujehun Magistrate Court. They were charged with unlawful possession of drugs, specifically Kush and Cannabis Sativa, which is locally known as โ€˜Jambaโ€™.

According to the court records, Mohamed Mansaray was apprehended in possession of two parcels of Kush and has been sentenced to 24 months in prison or an option to pay a fine of Nle 1,500.

Similarly, Zainab Kpaka, who was found with a significant haul of thirty-two parcels of cannabis, received a 24-month sentence or a fine of Nle 1,500 as an alternative.

Also, two women, Hawa Bangura and Massah Swaray faced even more severe consequences for their involvement in the unlawful drug trade. Hawa Bangura, caught with 15 parcels of Kush, received a 36-month prison sentence or the possibility of paying a fine of Nle 2,000. Meanwhile, Massah Swaray, apprehended with a staggering 102 parcels of cannabis sativa, was sentenced to 24 months in prison or the option to pay a fine of Nle 1,500.

These verdicts come in the wake of intensified efforts by the Sierra Leone Police to combat the alarming proliferation of harmful drugs in Pujehun. The police conducted rigorous raids to tackle the issue, leading to the arrest of the four accused individuals, now convicts.

During the police operation, various selling spots (ghettos) associated with the drug trade were dismantled, signaling a clear message that drug-related offenses will not be tolerated in the district.

These court rulings serve as a resolute reminder of the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order and safeguarding the well-being of the community. It also emphasizes the need for continuous efforts to combat drug-related issues in Pujehun and across Sierra Leone.

The ruling is a significant development for law enforcement and public safety in the southern district.