To improve in the educational sector of the district, Schools for Salone in partnership with Village Bicycle Project has provide bicycles to school going pupils.

The first fleet of the donation was made to pupils at the secondary school in Koromasilaia, Koinadugu District.

The first phase of the donation serves 30 pupils, majority of which are girls as most of them walk up to seven miles to attend class, which can be dangerous especially for the girls.

They said having a new bicycle will keep the safe and ensure class attendance. The time also spent on the road to and from school will be lessen as they will be able reach home early than before and make time for studies and assist their families.

“The walk to and from school can be dangerous especially for girls (who will receive half of the new bicycles). Having a bicycle will help keep them safe, help ensure class attendance, and save time – which means more time to spend on their studies and to assist their families”.

This donation was funded by The Sylvia Bingham Fund and Sierra Leone Return Peace Corps Volunteer Steve Bingham family and friends.

“We’re proud to work with these partners to reduce barriers to education in Sierra Leone and encourage students who live far from the school to stay in school and attend every”.