A young girl from Kabala, Sierra Leone, has emerged as a powerful voice for climate action through a captivating social media video.

The video, which has garnered significant attention online, showcases the young girl delivering a compelling presentation on the devastating impacts of climate change on her community and surrounding areas.

While expressing his admiration on Twitter, Rodney Michael, a Sierra Leonean Football Administator highlighted the girl’s intelligence and bravery. He stated, “Her confidence and the clarity of her message are truly inspiring.”

He wrote: โ€œI am no scientist and have no clue what climate change is all about. But what has impressed me is the girl from Kabala, so bold and so smart, her presentation is impressive. Girls like this could be funded to becoming something of a role model for all girls in Sierra Leone.โ€

Seated in a dry, barren landscape, the girl eloquently explained the dire situation, highlighting the link between climate change and the worsening drought conditions. She emphasized how once-fertile lands had turned barren, crops were failing, and livestock productivity had declined due to water scarcity.

The scarcity of water not only affected agriculture but also disrupted the daily lives of villagers, forcing them to travel long distances in search of basic necessities. Some livestock had even migrated to neighboring communities in search of greener pastures.

Despite the challenges posed by climate change, the young activist remained determined to raise awareness and empower her community. Through education and community engagement, she aimed to equip villagers with knowledge on sustainable practices and resilience-building strategies to combat climate change.

While acknowledging the challenges ahead, she expressed hope that collective efforts would yield positive results, ensuring a brighter and more resilient future for generations to come.

Watch Video below:

Video Transcript

“I want to show you the link between climate change and drought in my community and the neighbouring communities. As the drought persists, its consequences have become more appealing, and I’ve done my investigations and have discovered that the drought is caused by climate change.

“The effects of climate change linked to the drought has become more apparent in my community, as once fertile lands have now become barren, and crops are failing to grow. The community livestock is suffering with from lack of water, leading to a decline in their productivity.

“The scarcity of water is not only affecting the lives of crops, but also affecting the daily lives of the villagers, forcing them to walk for long distances in search of water and food. As you can see now, some cattle here have even migrated from here to other neighboring communities in search of green pastures for their livestock, leaving behind the remnants of a struggling community.

“It is evident that climate change has indeed disrupted our lives and threatened our very existence, but in the face of these challenges, I think it’s our collective responsibility to take action.

“I am determined to raise awareness about Climate change to my people, through community engagement and education, I aim to empower my fellow villagers with knowledge on sustainable practices and resilient building strategies in order to fight climate change.

“While the road ahead may be challenging, but I hope and pray that our efforts will yield positive results and we can ensure a brighter future and build a more resilient community that can adapt to the changing weather patterns and build and ensure a brighter future for ourselves in generations to come.”