A recent online survey done by the Sierra Leone Association Journalists (SLAJ) has shown that the platform’s iVerify fact-checker was unsuccessful 5 months after it was launched.

iVerify was launched 5 months ago in Sierra Leone.

“To date, we have fact-checked more than 160 countries,” SLAJ said.

The online survey revealed that 47.7 percent of participants said the platform needs improvement with 16.7 saying it was partially successful.

29.3 percent said the platform was successful while 6.3 reserved their opinion.

The platform has had some controversial issues in its five months with individuals and some media institutions.

The most recent issue they had was with AYV Newspaper over a post concerning the UK High Commissioner’s perception of President Julius Maada Bio’s electoral reforms.

This is to inform our readers that AYV Newspaper was right in its report on the statement made by the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Lisa Chesney,” AYV said at the time.

The platform was created in order to combat fake news in the months leading to the 2023 multitier election.