Assistant Commissioner of Police, Makeni division, John Tumbay has stated that, all relevant security measures are put in place to making sure that the city and its district is secured and remains peaceful before, during and after the elections.

He also said that, a town hall meeting can also be a strategic measure to making sure that, the peace is maintained at all levels, noting that the meeting will target all political parties to have an on the spot engagement at different intervals.

In his statement to the politicians, Tumbay called on them not to give narcotic drugs to youths and not to mislead them with hate messages as they are future leaders.

He said his administration has declared zero tolerance on the use of drugs and urged the youths to stay away from drugs. He also said that, several ghetto owners and drug dealers and users have been arrested and charged to court in relation to this.

On the relationship between police and military, AC Tumbay said it is very strong a cordial, adding that apart from MAC-P, there is strong synergy between the two sister security forces.

Describing the status of Makeni city, he said that, the city is peaceful as people are going about their normal businesses unhindered.

“When I finally took over Makeni Division on November 23rd 2022, I met frequent reports of house breaking and phone theft. It is now a thing of the past because of the robust operational measures I and my Operations team have put in place. There is no pending security threat in Makeni and its environs,” AC Tumbay said, adding that he intends to maintain so for the good of the nation.

“Our focus is to make sure that Makeni Town and its environs remain peaceful, before, during and after the June 24th 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections. If possible we will hold a town hall meeting with all representatives of seventeen registered political parties in Makeni to denounce violence before and after the elections. We will continue to preach peace and non-violence messages and march with all political parties on the streets of Makeni to denounce violence,” he said.